KB90为您提供萃取循环 发布者:LaMarzocco KB90辣妈咖啡机KB90

KB90为您提供萃取循环 发布者:LaMarzocco KB90辣妈咖啡机KB90

二月 2, 2019 于KB90为您提供萃取循环留下评论 KB90为您提供萃取循环 STEAM FLUSH Keep things easy and clean; the KB90 does a flush cycle for you, using a small burst of steam and water! Removing coffee residue quickly, and leaving every espresso tasting its best. 保持简单和干净; KB90为您提供萃取循环,使用一小滴蒸汽和水! 快速去除咖啡渣, 并将每一杯浓缩咖啡品尝得最好。 KB90为您提供萃取循环 发布者:LaMarzocco KB90辣妈咖啡机KB90二月 2, 2019发布于Uncategorized发布者:LaMarzocco KB90辣妈咖啡机KB90 LaMarzocco KB90辣妈咖啡机


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