LaMarzocco新产品 : KB90 发布者:LaMarzocco KB90辣妈咖啡机KB90

LaMarzocco新产品 : KB90  发布者:LaMarzocco KB90辣妈咖啡机KB90


二月 2, 2019 于LaMarzocco新产品 : KB90 留下评论 LaMarzocco新产品 : KB90  STRAIGHT IN PORTAFILTER 直接进去手柄 The revolutionary Straight In design simplifies and eases the motion of locking-in the portafilter to the group-head, every time. Improve the natural workflow and output within a high-volume café! LaMarzocco新产品 : KB90  发布者:LaMarzocco KB90辣妈咖啡机KB90二月 2, 2019发布于Uncategorized发布者:LaMarzocco KB90辣妈咖啡机KB90 LaMarzocco KB90辣妈咖啡机KB90《LaMarzocco KB90辣妈咖啡机KB90》文老师咖啡,文咖啡,文洪刚。


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